Play Bonk Here! Unblocked

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Use arrow keys to navigate.

to Bounce up
to go down
to move left
to move right
X increase your mass tips and tricks

  • Quickly read how the game is functioning, like be the first one to notice the safest position or most unsafe position.
  • As no description is given, you will have to figure out how the game is won.
  • Wait for the people to come at you, and jump to dodge them which as a double edge sword for them.
  • Some games resurrect players and some won’t so, always play safe and not be the first one to rush.
  • As this is the last man standing game if you were to die then slow it as long as you can. I have won games with a difference in milliseconds.
  • And Finally, watch out for the black coating on the outsides of the structures. If you land on them you will die.