Play Bonk Here!

How to play

The game and controls are pretty simple and very easy to understand.

Click here to play

Use arrow keys to navigate.

to Bounce up
to go down
to move left
to move right
X increase your mass

This helps in coming down faster and decrease maneuverability. Use X to increase your impact on the collision because more mass is more momentum. tips and tricks

  • Quickly read how the game is functioning, like be the first one to notice the safest position or most unsafe position.
  • As no description is given, you will have to figure how the game is won.
  • Wait for the people to come at you, and jump to dodge them which as a double edge sword for them.
  • Some games resurrect players and some won’t so, always play safe and not be the first one to rush.
  • As this is the last man standing game if you were to die then slow it as long as you can. I have won games with a difference in milliseconds.
  • And Finally, watch out for the black coating on the outsides of the structures. If you land on them you will die.
  • Bonkio Trivia is an Online Multiplayer Game, based on Adobe Flash Player. This game is completely based on physics and its laws. Don’t get too frightened by physics laws, it will be same as any other game.

    But, You can know about momentum and forces to eliminate other players. And I promise you will do it instinctively and don’t need to know any physics.

    This is a Last Man Standing game which means whoever remains until the last wins.

    In short: You have to knock the players out of the screen and you can achieve it by any means possible. is based on the development of instincts and raw skill. Quickly learning the game and positioning yourself in the best possible way, Dodging and Pushing the players at the critical time is key to win this game.

    As I said, is a game based on Momentum and other forces, Right?

    Yes, is based on collisions and gravity, when you collide with other players you exchange momentum and depending on your speed you will push the other player or will be the one being pushed. Features

    • Play with your friends online from all over the world.
    • You could be playing teams or free for all matches, just win the series of games.
    • Create custom rooms for those who are only invited.
    • Play and create new Maps and submit them online to enable others to play it.
    • Customize your Appearance and differentiate yourself from others. Stunning Skins are available in Skin Manager.
    • Save and update your progress by creating a custom profile.
    • Climb up the Ladders of levels by colliding with mightiest of players.
    • Improve your Raw-skills and Momentum calculations in General

    Play Bonkio

    There are two ways to play

    If you want to test the game before playing or don’t want to create an account because of it being such a drag or any other reasons.

    Play as a Guest

    1. Type your desired Guest name which will be displayed for others playing the game.
    2. Click on quick play option from the main menu to directly play with random people around the world.
    3. Or else, if you got a party going on then join your friends’ room by selecting from the rooms list.
    4. If your friends got a password protected room then be sure to ask them.

    But remember, your progress or experience is not stored on any of the servers and can’t be retrieved back by any means.

    So, Once you refresh the page your last played data is gone for good. If you don’t want it to happen then read on to next one.

    Play using Bonkio Account

    1. On the main page click on the Accounts button in the ‘Login or Register’ Dialog.
    2. Then register an account by choosing a username and a password.
    3. Next time, when you come back you are good to go with the last saved progress.

    What makes Interesting?, Despite being played by people all over the world, Changes every time you finish one of the games. Which means you will have to strive hard to make it in the ever-changing environment.